How to Avoid Getting Fired

Getting Fired

Nobody wants to get fired, it can be embarrassing and it’s not the best way to leave a company.  To avoid getting fired from your job you need to work on increasing your perceived value to the company.  Staying ahead of your colleagues is important in case one day your company will need to make some job cuts.

Performing well and having the right attitude is essential, but there are many other factors that will help you hold onto your job.

Below is a guide on how to minimize your chances of getting fired and how to keep your job for as long as possible.

Have a Good Connection with Everyone

If you network well and have a strong connection with everyone you will increase your likeability.  This is not a popularity contest, but being well-known and appreciated will give you an extra lifeline.

Become Helpful

Everyone likes helpful colleagues because they provide confidence and can offer extra support when needed.  Being helpful means you are a better employee because you have more to offer your team.  However, if you choose to spend time helping others, you need to make sure that it is not too much at the expense of your own personal performance.

Be Sincere and Polite

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and acknowledged in the workplace, so spend a few seconds greeting your employees.  If you gain a reputation of being polite and well-mannered there is no real reason for others to dislike you.  If management would have to choose one employee to fire, they would find it harder and feel guilty to fire the “sincere and polite” employee over the “rude and disrespectful” employee.

Be Funny and Provide Laughter

Someone who is funny and able to make others laugh is always more welcome.  Their presence is appreciated because of their ability to make work more fun.  If you are going to be the funny one try not to be a clown because this could affect your professionalism and you may not be taken seriously at times.

Be Present and a Memorable Employee

Participate in company events and parties (don’t become memorable for the wrong reasons).  This would mean that people miss you when you are not around and that management would know that employees would be negatively impacted and demotivated if you were fired.

Know Who the Snipers Are

There are some employees within the company that you need to be careful of.  They could be managers, other people with authority or employees who have a close relationship with decision makers.  Try not to upset or provoke these people otherwise they will use their influence to ruin your reputation and get rid of you.

Learn from Mistakes

When you see someone make a mistake, learn from it.  If you make a mistake, show that you have learned from it and don’t do it again.  Too many mistakes, especially costly ones will be the end of your employment.


The main focus of the above recommendations is to become a more favorable employee that makes more of a contribution to the company.  The better qualities you have to offer, will give them more reasons to keep you.  You also need to make your presence felt so that firing you is a less likely option.