How to Keep Your New Employee from Quitting

New Employee

You have invested time and resources interviewing and looking for the perfect candidate to fill the role.  Now that they have accepted the position, you need to make sure that their induction goes well and they are happy to stay at the company.

Below is a list of ways on how to make a good impression to your new employee and how to keep them from quitting.

Give them a Proper Welcome

Introduce them to everyone and make sure that existing employees make an effort so they don’t feel ignored or isolated.  If they have something in common with a current employee, you can mention it as they are being introduced.  This helps to build a connection from the beginning and will make the new employee look forward to getting to know this existing employee as they could have a lot more in common.  This could also be the beginning of a great new friendship in the workplace.

A Welcome Gift

Give them a welcome gift at the end of the day.  This is like adding a cherry on top of an exciting first day at work (it needs to be memorable).  It will help to overwhelm them, especially if they are not expecting it.  A welcome gift could include company merchandise (pen, folder, lanyard, polo shirt, keyring, drink bottle etc.) Something with sentimental value is always appreciated like a bottle of wine/champagne etc.  The company merchandise is always a good idea because it will help them feel like a part of the team.  They will instantly feel like a member of the company and will be proud to represent the brand.

Explain Their Significance

Help them understand their role, why it is important to the customers, community and the company.  Explain the positives that come from their actions and contributions.

The Future

Talk about the Company’s future plans; What this means for them and how they can grow within the company if they wish to work hard and demonstrate their potential.  This will get them to think about long term plans at the company.

Employee Benefits

Everybody loves getting benefits!  Inform them of the company benefits, company social events, corporate culture, parties, gatherings etc.  You can show them photos, get other employees to tell them stories about how great the company’s social activities are.  This will get them excited.

Hide the Mess

Everything needs to be clean and presentable for the new employee to welcome them in the best possible way.  I heard a horror story where a new employee was given a dirty old keyboard to use.  This was an embarrassment to the company because the employee didn’t want to touch it until someone came to clean it for her.  This was a very negative experience that could have been avoided.

Protect them from Negativity

Protect them from poisonous employees who are negative, demotivated and are on their way out.  It’s easy for them to be distracted and convinced that things are bad at their new workplace so make sure they are feeling good about the company and its values.

Offer Assurance

Once they begin working/learning make sure they do not feel neglected or that they are not making progress.  Help them and assure them that they are making progress and that it will take time for them to get the hang of everything.  The beginning is always stressful especially the first week so try to help them relax and feel comfortable.


With all of the above points taken into consideration, you will increase your chances at keeping your new employee.  You only have one chance to make a good first impression so you need to make sure you do it well from the beginning.