How to Look Like a Hard Worker

Plumber at Work

Have you ever wanted to look like a harder worker than everyone else?  Gaining a reputation at work for being among the hardest workers is not always easy.

Below is a guide on how to trick others into believing you are a harder worker, without breaking an extra sweat:

Talk About It

Talk to your colleagues about how tired you feel after completing X amounts of reports, after working non-stop since X (make sure you are not talking to someone who has done more than you).  Also be careful with this one, don’t overdo it because it’s likely you will gain competition.

Focus on Visibility

Do the tasks that show.  Sometimes our work does not get seen, but if you choose the high visibility tasks, then your colleagues are witnesses to your work.  For example, if you work in a customer support department and you are responding to emails, choose to respond to the emails with the most recipients (they are your witnesses).  Leave the rest for everyone else.

Pick and Choose

Choose the easy and less time consuming tasks to focus on quantity over quality.  In some workplaces quality isn’t taken into consideration and this way you can boost your numbers. A higher number of executed tasks will make you look like a better and more efficient worker.

Don't Waste Time Helping Others

When someone asks for help: Tell them “I would love to, but I am far too busy and on a very tight schedule”.  This gives them the impression that you are busy because you have a lot to do and it also allows you to get your work done without any interruption.  If you do decide to help other colleagues, make it known that you could have done more work if you weren’t kindly helping others.

Take Short Cuts

Look for short cuts and take them.  There is nothing better than a trick that saves you time or a little shortcut that will get you ahead.  With this you need to be careful because sometimes taking shortcuts can land you in trouble and you end up taking more time.

Stay Late

You don’t necessarily have to be working, but you need to make it look like you are taking care of extra work.  If you send emails after hours you will be leaving a timestamp, showing that you were still at work up to a certain time.  With this tactic you have to be careful because it could backfire on you.  It might look like you are slow and can’t get your daily tasks done on time so be careful with this.


Wow!  I bet you never thought that appearing to be a harder worker could be that easy.  Having read through the above tips and tricks we hope that your colleagues will think that you are a better/harder worker.  Who knows, this advice could probably help you get a promotion or a pay rise!