How to Make Work More Fun


If you work at an amusement park you probably won’t need to read this, but the chances are you don’t.  We spend over half of our lives going to work and therefore we need to find a way to motivate ourselves to go to work every day.  Below is a list of ways to make your workday more fun.

Below is a list of ways to make your workday more fun:


Laugh as much as possible throughout the day and try to find the funny side to everything – laughter makes everyone happy – try not to laugh at other peoples’ expense otherwise you could be reported for bullying or workplace harassment.

Be Spontaneous

The Spiderman Photo - During a conference we heard a knock on the window.  The man hanging from the building washing the windows surprised us by wearing a Spiderman mask.  He interrupted our conference, but gifted us a great laugh and something to talk about for years to come.  We were like children gathering around the windows taking photos and videos to show our friends and families.  This is a great example of an ordinary workday being fun.  You can choose to do something spontaneous to surprise your colleagues.

Be Happy

Surround yourself with pleasant and positive minded colleagues that make you happy.  If you have any colleagues that bring the energy down, find ways to give them an energy boost to bring out their positive side.


Socializing with and getting to know your colleagues is a great way to break up your day at work.  The best part of my work day is getting to know everyone and listening to funny stories about different experiences.  The more you socialize during the day, the more exciting it is.  Try to involve others and encourage stimulating conversations.

Be Great at Your Job

You tend to have fun when doing things that you are good at; Do your best to become a star at your job and you will notice that working will become more fun – it will never be daunting and you will never have to force yourself to go to work.

Play Jokes on Each Other

(Almost) everyone likes a practical joke.  Try to have as much fun as possible but be careful not to offend anyone.  Early morning jokes are the best because it’s easier to catch people of guard before their first coffee.


We believe that work should be fun for everyone!  In fact, there should never be a day where you don’t look forward to going to work.  We hope you have taken the above suggestions into consideration and are on your way to workplace fun!