Should I Resign from My Job?

Thinking to Resign

You’re probably reading this because you are asking yourself whether you should resign from your job.  If you are seriously considering it, before you read any further, ask yourself: “Why do I want to resign?”  Assessing your situation is very important and you should never rush to make such a decision.  When you ask yourself why, the answer should be clear in your mind.

Below is a list of factors you need to consider before resigning from your current job:

A Better Workplace

Will you find a better workplace?  You can find a new job, but what’s the guarantee that your new workplace will be better?  Are you willing to risk it?  If the environment and working conditions are bad where you are at the moment, then it’s probably worth considering.

Better Compensation

Do you feel like you are not getting paid enough for the work you are doing?  Some employers don’t increase salaries until they feel threatened that an employee will leave and they entice them to stay with an increase or additional benefits.  If a salary review is not an option where you are currently working, then you may want to explore other higher paying opportunities elsewhere.

Having a Tough Time

Are you going through a tough time at work?  Is it possible for you to get through the unpleasantness or tough times to see better days? If you feel that it’s just a phase, and that things will improve, then it’s better to stay (but don’t stay there too long if you don’t see an improvement).  You deserve better!

Comfort Zone

Are you in a comfort zone right now and are you happy with it?  Are you willing to leave your comfort zone in search for something new?  If so, get out there because there are a lot more opportunities to explore!

Backward Move

Is your move a backward move in your career?  Ask yourself: Are you OK with it?  It's acceptable to move backwards because sometimes you need a break and want to undertake a less chaotic role with less responsibilities.  This could be the change you have been looking for.

Starting Again

Would resigning from your current job mean that you are starting again from the beginning.  Perhaps this is what you are looking for and therefore changing jobs is the only way you get to start afresh with a new beginning.


After reading the above, you should have a clearer idea as to whether you want to resign from your current job and look for something better.  In life there is always bigger and better - you just have to trust your gut feeling and go out to get it!  Good luck with whatever you choose to do.  We support your choice!