How to Survive in a Company

with High Employee Turnover

Meeting Room

You just arrived at a new job, you are excited to get started but it’s not long until you start hearing about recent ex-employees.  It suddenly hits you – this is a workplace with very high staff turnover.  It could be the nature of the job itself or it could be the corporate culture.  You are very keen on this place and you need to find a way to survive as long as possible; You don’t want to be part of the high employee turnover. 

Below is what you need to do to survive at your new job for as long as possible:

Disclaimer: Don’t stay if you are unhappy.  Make sure you are not putting up with workplace harassment or abuse.

Also remember: The odds could be against you, so you need to be ready for your next move if needed.

Find out Why

Knowing that there is a high employee turnover could really stress you out when you are starting a new job.  It is wise to speak to someone you trust and find out why employees are leaving/being dismissed.  Try to ask a few trustworthy colleagues and see what you can find out.  Don’t be influenced and try not to believe everything you hear, because this workplace may be perfect for you.  If this really concerns you, you can have this conversation with your manager explaining to them that this is worrying you.  Talking about your impressions and feelings will help you.

Avoid Negativity

Stay away from negativity and toxic employees.  They might be unhappy with the employer, the job or the workplace, it doesn’t mean you have to be.  Everyone’s situation is different and you can only judge by your own.

Be Positive

You have chosen to be a survivor at this company so you need to be as positive as possible.  Avoiding negativity and being positive are two separate things.  A positive outlook will take you further, so make sure you are looking at the positives in everything.  Encourage your colleagues to do the same so you have some allies.

Lay Low

Stay away from trouble and don’t get involved in anything that does not concern you.  The longer you will be able to stay out of trouble the longer you will survive.  Be careful because there could be some gossipers and troublemakers among your colleagues.

Show Enthusiasm

The more enthusiasm you show at work; the better employee you will be and the longer you will want to stay.  When others see your enthusiasm they will be happy that you are around.

Perform Well

Make sure you are performing well and there would be no reason for someone to criticize your performance.  As long as you are among the strong performers, you will not be the weakest link; Therefore, your chance of survival increases.


You have been given the tips survive at your job for as long as possible.  You may also use these tips to help you survive at your existing job.  Just remember - If it’s no longer fun and you are tired of going to work “just to survive another day”, then it’s probably a good idea to find a job you enjoy!