Why the New Employee Quit

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Have you ever wondered why the new employee quit, so soon after they began?  A number of reasons could have contributed to their departure.  

Below are possible reasons why the new employee quit including a list of factors you need to consider so you don’t lose any new employees that have recently joined your workplace.

A Warm Welcome

The warmest welcome is necessary to help them feel comfortable with their new workplace and to assure them that they made the right choice.  They need to feel like a part of the team from the very first day.


Planning for their arrival is essential because it helps show that they are important to the company.  Everything needs to be organised so they feel the warmest welcome.  If they feel that the company is not organised or didn’t plan for their first day and their training, they could have reservations about staying at a company that is disorganized.


All existing employees need to make sure that the newcomer feels liked and welcome.  The first day can be very daunting so everyone needs to make the workplace seem like a very happy and enjoyable environment.

No Instant Connection

If the new employee makes a quick instant connection with the existing employees there is more of a chance they will stay around.  If they feel like they cannot relate to anyone or that they do not have friends, then it is likely they will quit.

Other Job Opportunities

You have to remember that your new employee was recently sending out CVs and making job applications trying to get a new job.  It’s likely that they are still receiving offers for interviews from other employers.  If you make a great first impression and help them feel that they belong, they are likely to reject other interviews or job offers.


This is an important one.  You need to keep them away from all negativity including negative employees.  I remember an old colleague of mine decided it was a good idea to talk about the company’s high turnover in front of the new employee.  This did a lot of damage because it destroyed the new employee’s perception of the company and the idea of having a long career at the company.  Exposure to negativity needs to be minimal.


It is essential to make sure that all new employees have the best experience when joining the company.  The beginning can be tough for them, so extra effort needs to be made to ensure there is a smooth transitioning period for them until they are able to settle in.  All of the above factors need to be taken into consideration to avoid losing them at the first stages.  Failure to do so will have everyone asking: “Why did the new employee quit?”