Why You Don't Want to Become a Manager


I want to start this off positively by stating the many benefits of being manager.  You are in a privileged position, likely to get preferential treatment by senior management/the CEO, greater benefits, invited to company dinner events, have the ability to lead a team, be in a position to create change, but it doesn’t always go as well as planned.

Below is a list of reasons why you wouldn’t want to be a manager:

The Extra Responsibility

You are responsible for everyone and everything that goes wrong within the department.  You need to keep an eye on the daily tasks and your teams progress to make sure that everything and everyone is working well.  If not, you need to take the appropriate action, otherwise it is your neck is on the chopping block. On the positive side, you are also responsible when things go well, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Extra Unpaid Hours

Have you ever heard the excuse from your employer “you don’t get paid extra for overtime because you are a manager”? This is very common because you are expected to undertake anything extra that you are given – this is seen as showing loyalty and gratitude to the company.

A Small Salary Increase

Is it really worth it?  Some companies pay as little as $1,000 extra per year to their managers just to make them feel like they are getting more than the rest of the employees.  You might be lucky enough to get a little more.  Is that little bit of extra salary worth your while compared to the extra responsibility you will be undertaking?  If you are doing it to gain experience and/or for career progression, this would be the only time it could be worth it.  Consider your options and decide if it is worth your while.

Working on Weekends

When there is extra work or a project that needs to be completed, weekend work is necessary.  Even if you aren’t the one doing the work, you need to make sure that the work is being done by your employees.  If you want to have some days off to rest then management is probably not for you.

Working on Holidays

A holiday should be a holiday where you can relax, forget about work and have a good time.  If something goes wrong and if you don’t have a good enough assistant, you will not be enjoying your time off.  Some managers are happy to work a little bit on their holidays to make sure they don’t return to work to find a mess.  For most people this would be a deal breaker.

Dealing with Conflict

When you are the manager, conflict resolution is a very important skill to have.  You could be dealing with conflict between employees or maybe you could get caught up in the conflict yourself.  Either way, you need to be quick to defuse situations before they get out of control.  All conflicts within your department are your responsibility.

Hiring and Firing Employees

Hiring could be the fun part because you get to meet potential job candidates, but firing someone isn’t easy.  You need to fire employees that are under-performing and employees that are surplus to requirements.  This is not easy because emotions get involved, especially if you need to fire someone you have become friends with.


Although there are positives to being a manager, the above are reasons why despite the glorified job title, you wouldn’t want to become a manager.  Management can be a great job, but it isn’t suitable for everyone.