What To Do When you Know

Someone is Going to Get Fired

Employee Get Fired

What do you do when you know someone is going to get fired?  You know this because you overheard a conversation between management.  It sounded like a joke, but you know they were serious.  I’ve been in situations where the boss openly announced that he was going to fire an employee, naming them in front of everyone.  This was a disgusting and insensitive act – all of the staff knew what was going to happen and by the end of the day, as expected, this employee was fired.  It felt like a TV reality show.

If you had insider information, would you get involved and let the person know?

What would you do? Would you drop them a hint to give them a head start to look for a new job?  I'm sure you would appreciate it if you were in their situation

Here are your options and the factors you need to consider when telling someone that you know they will be fired from their job:

Don't Get Involved

It’s not your place to say or do anything.  This could backfire on you because if others find out you told them then will be labelled a snitch.  Also it could be damaging to someone especially if it’s not true or if it was a heat of the moment thing that the manager said about firing them.  It’s a difficult situation and its easier not to get involved and probably in your best interest.

Privately Tell That Person

This is the hardest option (easier if it’s a friend or someone you have a good relationship with) because you are a messenger with bad news, potentially a rumor.  You might be thanked, you might be hated, this is a risky one, but you are doing it to help them.  Either way, you are delivering bad news so you have to be prepared for anything.  I would suggest: do it if you feel it’s your place to say something and if you think it is important for this person to know.


It’s never a pretty sight.  It’s a tricky situation to be in especially if you have a close bond with the person involved.  Whichever option you choose, it’s important to stay true to yourself.  On the other hand, try not to get too involved as it could affect your career.  Its a noble act for you to protect others, but you have to remember to look after yourself too.